Main Show Auditions


JUNE 2024

Preparing for the Audition

Auditions can be an anxious and stressful time for youth, but they are also an opportunity for a young person to share their passion and talents, have fun, and demonstrate that they can perform under stress.

General Tips

  • Put your heart and soul into it. We are looking for life, energy, and some part of your personality to come through in your performance;
  • Trust the casting team- we are on your side;
  • Know the story being told by the musical (e.g. watch the DVD, read the book, visit websites);
  • Arrive on time and listen carefully to instructions;
  • The actor who is open, interesting, and committed is more likely to get the role even if another is more talented; and,
  • There are no mistakes, only possibilities! Take risks!

  Tips on Your Monologue

  • Memorize the monologue;
  • Know the characters and what is happening during the scene;
  • Stay in character;
  • Don’t just read the words- act out the scene;
  • Discover the scene (e.g. the relationships, the humour, the conflict, the opposites, the mystery);
  • Your voice is very important- your expression, diction, and projection;
  • The face and body are also very important- respond to the text and the others in the scene with you (if applicable); and,
  • Use your life as a source. Everything that happens on stage happens better and more truthfully in life.

Tips on Your Song

  • Pick an audition song that resonates with you and which is similar to the role for which you are auditioning;
  • Remember that you’re auditioning for musical theatre. Avoid contemporary pop songs and/or songs that may be unknown to the casting team;
  • Singing at the audition is not just about how well you sing the song but also about how well you connect with the audience;
  • Be ready for the Director to stop and redirect you. Be receptive to their comments and ask questions if you don’t understand; and,
  • Try to relax and focus. Appear confident. It will show us you can perform under stress.